Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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To Kathy, our 2020 – 2021 President – Beta Sigma Phi - Laureate Eta Nu Chapter
I love how Kathy and her childhood/high school friends still keep in touch. I admire her loving relationship with Ryan and how close she seems to be with her sister as well. Kathy is loyal to those she values. She knows how to party hard and is a fabulous host. She makes sure everyone enjoys our gatherings as much as she does. Kathy dresses stylishly and her hair is always "in the right place".
Kathy is a great leader. She is straightforward and direct, honest and fair and you always know exactly where you stand. Kathy also has a lot of charisma, a super personality and is always the life of a party. Kathy can even put some life and fun into a Zoom meeting and she is the perfect sister to lead us during the pandemic.
I like the way that Kathy keeps us on track. She is like a mother hen. She is the perfect person for the situation that we are in. It may be due to her previous work experience with college kids  It could have been chaos, but she and all of us have figured it out. I like too that she shut down the political talk when it came up.
I think of the love she has of being a grandma (Nooney!), and I love the creation of her Nooney name! The love and joy she has spending quality time with Wyatt! Retirement has been awesome! Kathy is handling being president during this epidemic amazingly, and everything is going so smooth! Her passion for having fun, enjoying a glass of wine, and traveling when she can! A great friend and sister to us all!
She is strong and fearless - both qualities I admire and that our Chapter needs in a President! She always puts so much careful thought in to her plans and everything she does. I love Kathy’s loyal friendship and energy. She brings a great dynamic to any group. As a natural alpha, she still manages to listen carefully to others, assess any situation well and thoughtfully proceeds. She is fiercely protective and passionate about those she loves the most and it’s a joy to see her beam and glow when she speaks of her son, Ryan and her grandson, Wyatt. I love my sister, my friend with all my heart.
We are thy sisters – sisters by choice!