Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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1. Beta Sigma Phi sisters always address each other by their given names.
2. A Beta Sigma Phi never allows a person not a member of her organization to wear her badge.
3. Membership is by invitation and not petition.
4. A Beta Sigma Phi, announcing her engagement, marriage, pregnancy or retirement, sends 
    a box of candy to her Chapter.
5. As an expression of sympathy, in case of the illness of a Chapter member, the Chapter 
    sends a yellow rose and/or a card to the Sister.
6. The names of Secret Sisters are drawn the last meeting in May for the following year, and 
    each member remembers her  Secret Sister on her birthday, Christmas, Revealing Day and other 
    occasions during the year with gifts and cards.  Names are revealed the last meeting in May. 
7. A Holiday Gift Exchange Party is given for members following the meeting held prior to Christmas or 
    as designated by Social Committee.
8. The President shall be given her scrapbook and a yearbook at Founder's Day for her year of 
    service, and her corsage and ticket for Founder's Day is paid for by the Chapter.
9. Meetings will be held at membersÂ’ homes
10. The Corresponding Secretary will send congratulatory notes or cards from the Chapter to new HCC 
     Executive Board and other award recipients.
11. The outgoing Executive Board are to be hostesses at the installation of incoming Executive Board.
12. The meeting prior to Christmas and the second meeting in May are to be dinner meetings with the 
      Social Committee as hostess planning the dinner.
13. Chapter Sweetheart for the year is to be honored with a cocktail party to be held within the 
      month of the Sweetheart Ball.