Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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1. I will mind my own business, and not gossip or believe anything discouraging about any person until
    I know  it to be absolutely true, and even then I will not repeat it to anybody unless I mean to help
    that person.
2. I will not wear my feelings on my sleeve, or be so sensitive as to look for personal
    offense or  slights, or be envious or suspicious of anyone.
3. I will wear a smile.  When I am gloomy I will absent myself rather than inflict my negative
     views on others who may have enough troubles of their own.
4. I will be kind to others and help others toward a more positive outlook on life.  I'll do
     nothing to either another or to myself that may become an unpleasant memory in after years.
5. I will not be headstrong. I will remember that other people with different ideas from mine
     may be right.  I'll always keep an open mind.
6. I will play the game of life on the square doingeverything I can to help an honest man, a good
     woman, or a child to find the very best that life has to offer.
7. I will hold my temper and each night ask God to forgive me as I have forgiven my neighbors.  Should
     I have been ill tempered, I'll return as quickly as possible to offer sincere apologies.
8.  I will face each morning with confidence, determined to be as truly happy and brave as I can.
    Believing in myself, I will not make excuses. I will strive at all times to be progressive, positive,
    and practical.
9.  I will move out into some battle for a worthy cause.  I will get under some load of human need and
    help lift - realizing that my personality will break down and my soul shrivel up if I do not give myself in
    some unselfish service.
10. I will not be proud or too pagan to pray.  Realizing I cannot accomplish these resolutions in my
      own strength, I will make God a partner in everything I do.