Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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The Publicity Committee, guided by the Chair, shall extend through the mediums of the press, radio and television, the aims and accomplishments of the chapter’s activities. It shall at all times endeavor to give the public an accurate account and intelligent understanding of Beta Sigma Phi as an educational, social and service factor. The committee shall make a survey of the avenues of  publicity open to the chapter and shall learn what news is and how to prepare it. It shall ask for the advice and help of the local newspaper – the society editor, club

editor and news reporter. All items for publication should relate to Beta Sigma Phi’s purpose as an educational,

social and service organization and be presented in a concisely written, neatly typed form with careful respect

for deadlines. All activities of the chapter that might make interesting articles for “The Torch” of Beta Sigma

Phi should be sent to the International Office, attentionof the editor, typewritten and with good, clear pictures

that help to tell the story. Deadlines require that all material sent for “The Torch” reach the International

Office at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the date of publication. The chair may post on the chapter’s private

Facebook page, the following: photos from chapter events, meeting minutes and the Wick news.