Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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The Ways & Means Committee, guided by the Chair, shall meet within one month of its appointment. It shall be the duty of the Ways & Means Committee to review the chapter’s annual budget and to plan for money-making

projects that will provide adequate funds to meet the chapter’s needs as set forth in its annual budget.

Systematic plans for raising money shall be made and followed regularly. The Ways & Means Committee shall

work in cooperation with the social Committee where activities partake of the nature of both. It shall keep

alert to the financial welfare of the chapter aim to anticipate its needs in this direction. The Ways and

Means Committeee will provide the raffle tickets at each meeting and will collect the monies for the door prizes

each month. After reporting the amount collected, the money will be handed to the Treasurer for depositing.

Each member is responsible for furnishing a door prize at their month’s meeting.