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2021 - 2022

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The name of this organization shall be Houston City Council of Beta Sigma Phi.


The purpose of this organization is to act in an advisory capacity on any problem submitted by a chapter; to circulate special

information; to promote inter-chapter harmony; and to provide a way for chapters to correlate their planning and activity for citywide events. City Council’s purpose is not to legislate, but to recommend, to guide and to foster cooperation and harmony in

keeping with the ideals of Beta Sigma Phi.


Section 1. City Council may recommend any policies when such policies are clearly needed to serve one or more of

the purposes herein.

Section 2. City Council approval is required before a member may transfer to another chapter within this council.

City Council approval is also required before a member-at-large may transfer to another chapter within this council. A written request for transfer shall be sent by the prospective transferee to City Council and written approval letters from the outgoing and incoming chapters shall be sent to City Council prior to being placed on the HCC Meeting agenda for approval by membership. If a member-at-large is out longer than six (6) months or an inactive member needs to be re-instated, and decides to join a chapter, an approval letter from the chapter she is joining must be presented to HCC to be voted on by the membership.

Only after the member has been approved for transfer can she move to the new chapter.

Section 3. The City Council may, at its discretion and judgment, remove any officer for the good of the sorority without any implication of dishonor to the officer, and the voting shall be held by secret ballot.


Section 1. Membership of the Houston City Council shall be composed of chapters of Beta Sigma Phi represented by the incumbent president and incumbent vice-president, or other duly appointed representatives from each of the chapters. (See Article VIII, Section 1)

Section 2. Associate Member – An Associate Member is a Member-At-Large or a member of chapters not affiliated with council. This member is added to our Roster and is subject to the same dues as regular Chapter members. She is also eligible to receive communications via current procedures and attend Council meetings and functions. Since there is no council chapter affiliation, she is not eligible to vote, become a council officer or be a committee chair. Should an Associate Member become delinquent in payment of dues, she will be notified by the HCC Treasurer and have three (3) months in which to become current. After such time, if an Associate Member has not settled her account, she shall be dropped from the

Associate Membership roll of Houston City Council.

Section 3. Dues – The annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Board with the approval of City Council at a regular council meeting; dues shall be payable twice a year, not later than the October council meeting and February council meeting. Dues for each chapter shall be based on the chapter rosters of current active members and members on leave of absence as of September 1st and January 1st. Dues of newly formed chapters shall be pro-rated. (See Standing Rule 11.) Should a chapter become delinquent in payment of dues, they will have three months in which to become current. After such time, if a chapter has not settled

its account, it shall be dropped from the membership roll of Houston City Council. Should the chapter wish to rejoin council within a year, a reinstatement fee of one dollar ($1.00) per member will be assessed, in addition to the payment of current dues. After one year, a re-admittance may be granted, upon written request of the chapter, and approval of City Council, without penalty.


Section 1. The elected officers shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2. The President shall:

a) preside at all meetings of the Houston City Council and Executive Board;

b) follow the order of business set forth under Standing Rules for regular chapter meetings as shown in the Book of Beta Sigma Phi;

c) serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee;

d) appoint a Parliamentarian to serve in an advisory capacity without vote.

Section 3. The Vice-President shall:

 a) perform any and all duties of the President in the event of her absence, or inability to serve.

 b) serve as official hostess of Houston City Council

c) serve as chairman of the Membership Committee, introduce and welcome all transferees and guests who  attend City Council meetings.

 d) provide a transferee list and prospective member list when available at City Council meetings.

 e) perform any and all duties of the Treasurer in the event of her absence.

 f) be responsible for rituals on an as needed basis.

g) be property custodian for council

Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall:

a) keep the records and minutes of all City Council meetings and its Executive Board;

b) maintain a roll and record of all members of City Council present and absent;

c) mail or email copies of the minutes to Executive Board members, chapter presidents, and the

International office within ten (10) days after each meeting.

Section 5. The Corresponding Secretary shall:

a) be responsible for the correspondence of City Council;

b) file the City Council officers’ names with the local Chamber of Commerce and other desirable


c) be responsible for maintaining a list of members’ e-mail addresses and relaying City Council

information to chapters via e-mail when necessary.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall:

a) collect all monies and keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements;

b) make an oral report and provide an electronic backup to the President at each meeting;

c) provide the Secretary a written report monthly to be included with the City Council minutes;

d) pay only those expenses accompanied by receipts, subject to Committee Chair, Executive Board and City Council approval.

e) include reconciled bank statements, copy of previous audit, and copy of current Bylaws with

Treasurer’s books when presented for audit.

f) furnish prior notice of all City Council dues and or assessments;

g) prepare a proposed budget (See Article XI, Section 4)


Section 1. Nominations – At the March meeting the retiring City Council president shall call for the election of a Nominating Committee. This committee shall be composed of five (5) members from the city wide membership elected by plurality vote. The member receiving the largest number of votes shall serve as chairman. No more than one member from a chapter or the current Executive Board shall serve on the Nominating Committee, and no member shall serve two consecutive years.

Section 2. Elections

a) At the April meeting, with retiring Council President presiding, the Nominating Committee shall present nominees for offices to be filled. One name from the city-wide membership shall be presented for each office. A brief resume of each nominee’s qualifications shall be included in the report. Nominations may be made from the floor for any council elective office with the consent of the nominee and including her qualifications.

b) No member shall be eligible for the office of President unless she has served as president of a Chapter  for one year and has served on a council board .

b) Elections shall be by vote unless there are two (2) or more candidates for the same office, in which case the vote shall be by ballot and a majority shall elect. If no member receives a majority vote than there shall be a run-off between the two candidates receiving the highest votes.

d) Only duly elected representatives or a representative’s alternate from the chapters within this council may vote at the meetings of the organization.

 e) In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President shall fill the unexpired term, (See Article IX, Section 2) 

Section 3. Term of Office

a) The elected officers shall hold office for a term of one year effective the first day of May or until a successor is elected. No member may serve more than two consecutive years on City Council Executive Board. No more than one member from a chapter may serve as a City Council officer in any given year. An officer who has served more than one-half (1/2) of a term is considered to have served a full term in that office.

b) Installation – New officers shall be installed by the retiring City Council President in the presence of the membership at or before the regular City Council meeting in May.


Section 1. Regular meetings of the Houston City Council shall be held the last Monday of August and the first Monday of each month, October through June. When in conflict with a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on a date no HCC chapter meets (as close to the first of the month as possible).

Section 2. Quorum – a majority of the duly elected representatives shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. Special meetings of the Houston City Council shall be called by the President upon written request of three (3) chapters of this council.


Section 1. Each chapter of this council is entitled to be represented by two (2) members, the chapter’s president and vice president, or other duly appointed representatives, at each council meeting. Each representative shall have one vote with no chapter having more than two votes. (See Article IV, Section 1)

Section 2. All representatives shall attend council meetings. When a chapter representative is unable to attend a meeting, the alternate or an appointee must represent her. The substitute shall have full voting rights upon signing the sign-in sheet provided by the Recording Secretary. An alternate shall vote only in the absence of the regular council member for whom she is substituting.

Section 3. An officer of the Executive Board may serve as a substitute for a voting member of her chapter. (See Article IX, Section 5)


Section 1. The Executive Board of the Houston City Council shall consist of the elected officers of the council. The board shall have the authority to act during the interim between regular meetings, with such emergency action subject to ratification of the council. Each board member shall have one (1) vote at the board meetings and three (3) members shall constitute a quorum. The parliamentarian is appointed by the President, shall attend all Executive Board and council meetings, has no vote, and is not counted in the quorum. The Parliamentarian shall advise on questions of procedure upon request and shall serve as chairman of the Bylaws Committee when such is appointed by the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall fill vacancies in any office other than the President or President-Elect for the unexpired term, subject to council approval. (See Article VI, Section 2e)

Section 3. The Executive Board shall appoint chairmen for the Council Standing Committees (except the Nominating Committee). The term for these appointments shall be one (1) year.

Section 4. The Executive Board shall appoint Special Committees for specific duties as necessary, and they shall serve for one (1) year or until their duties are completed.

Section 5. Regular Executive Board meetings shall be held preceding regular City Council meetings, as necessary. Special meetings may be called by the President, or at the request of any three officers. It shall be the duty of each officer to attend all regular and special board meetings and City Council meetings. No member of the Executive Board may vote in a council meeting except as a substitute for a voting member of her

chapter. (See Article VIII, Section 3)

Section 6. The Executive Board shall provide chapters a current copy of the City Council Bylaws annually.

Section 7. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the Founder’s Day Event.


Section 1. Duties of the Standing Committees of Houston City Council:

a) A committee shall present recommendations to City Council.

b) A committee shall present contracts to the Executive Board for approval before deposits are made.

c) A committee shall present a financial report to the membership and submit a written report to the Treasurer no later than 30 days after the event.

 d) A committee chairman has no council vote unless representing her chapter.

Section 2. Standing Committees:

a) Audit: This committee shall consist of one qualified member to examine the Treasurer’s financial records. She will be available to the Treasurer for consultation at any time. The Audit Report shall be made at the June council meeting.

 b) Council Acknowledgement of Participation and Achievements (CAPA): This committee will

 formulate a way to recognize chapters at Founder’s Day event.

 c) City Council Directory: This committee shall be responsible for publishing the City Council

 directory. The use of the City Council directory shall be strictly for the information of Beta

Sigma Phi members. A complimentary copy of the directory shall be presented to the


 d) Fall Event: This committee shall formulate and execute all plans for a Fall Event.

e) Friendship: This committee shall be responsible for extending our hand of friendship by appropriate remembrance or visits to Beta Sigma Phis and their families.

 f ) Historian: The Historian shall compile a memory book of the year’s activities to be presented to the  President at the Founder’s Day Event.

 g) Librarians: This committee shall maintain folders for each chapter and officer of council and

furnish the same with all flyers and information addressed to them.

 h) Membership: This committee shall be responsible for keeping a current record of members eligible to progress; to encourage progression; to maintain full chapter membership; and to execute any  special rushing project deemed necessary. This committee shall function under the direction of  the Vice President. (Article V, Section 4a)

 i) Notebook of HCC Procedures: This committee is to collect, update and distribute notebooks to committee chairmen and executive board.

 j) Photographer: The Photographer shall be responsible for photographic coverage of City Council  activities for any publicity or other purposes required including photos to be furnished to the historian for the memory book.

 (k) Promoting Relationships In Sisterhood & Membership (PRISM). This committee shall formulate  plans and recommend changes to stimulate interest and participation of the current

 membership in Houston City Council events and activities and to stimulate membership

 growth by promoting Beta Sigma Phi in the City. Legacy/Envoy II events shall be the

 responsibility of the PRISM committee on an as need basis.

 l) Publicity: This committee shall extend through the mediums of the press, radio, television and the International Torch of Beta Sigma Phi the aims and accomplishments of the council’s

 activities . It shall at all times endeavor to give the public an accurate account and intelligent

 understanding of Beta Sigma Phi as an educational , social and service factor. Additionally,

 the committee shall keep a record of articles submitted and those appearing in local media

 and report to the membership.

 m) Service: This committee shall investigate, organize and supervise any service and fund raising projects of City Council.

 1) A chapter wishing to propose a service project to City Council shall send literature to the

Service Chairman by the February Council Meeting.

 2) The Service Committee shall prepare a written presentation giving each proposal full

 explanation equitably. The written proposal (s) shall be submitted to each chapter at

 the March council meeting.

 3) The Service Project of City Council shall be voted on annually at its regular April meeting.

 4) All service funds shall be disbursed within the year earned whenever possible.

 n) Summer Social: This committee will be responsible for planning and hosting a summer

 social event.

 o) Sweetheart Event: This committee shall formulate an event that honors chapter


 p) Webmaster: This committee shall formulate and maintain a council

 Website composed of information relevant to this council and timely news items

 submitted by chapters and committee chairmen of council.

 q) WICK: This committee shall formulate and publish a council newsletter monthly

 composed of timely news submitted by chapters and committee chairmen of council.

Section 3. Special Committee:

A Special Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board and shall serve for the duration of one (1) year or until their duties are completed.


Section 1. The annual dues of this organization shall be fixed According to Article IV, Section 3. (See Standing Rule 10)

Section 2. Any assessments shall be set by the Executive Board with the approval of City Council and shall be payable to the Treasurer within thirty (30) days from the date of approval.

Section 3. The President of Houston City Council shall be honored at all council functions at council’s expense (i.e., Summer Social, Fall Event, Sweetheart Event and Founder’s Day Event). Registration fees for the president to a Texas State or Texas Area Convention shall be paid by the council not to exceed the budgeted amount for the year.

Section 4. The Treasurer, with Executive Board consultation, shall prepare a proposed budget for the incoming Year and present the proposed budget to City Council at the June meeting. (See Article V, Section 7g.)

Section 5. All general fund bank accounts shall be in the name of Houston City Council of Beta Sigma Phi. The only authorized signatures shall be the President and Treasurer.

Section 6. At the close of the sorority year (April 30) a minimum working balance of $3,000.00 shall remain in the general fund.


The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED shall govern the meeting in all cases not specifically covered by the rules and regulations in the Book of Beta Sigma Phi on Councils and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.


The Bylaws may be amended or revised at any regular meeting of the Houston City Council by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, provided the proposed amendment is not contradictory to the Constitution and Bylaws of the International Organization and provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular City Council meeting and shall be effective after approval of the International Office.

ADOPTED: February 1, 1988

LAST REVISION: January 6, 2020