Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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Robert’s Rules shall apply to Standing Rules changes:  “Standing Rules are adopted, as any ordinary motion, by a majority vote, and are amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote without previous notice, or by any majority vote with such notice.”


1)                   Council shall observe Founder’s Day each year with a banquet.  Only those chapters on the Houston City Council Roster and Associate Members shall be permitted to attend our Founder’s Day Banquet except by invitation.  Rituals are limited to Silver, Gold and Diamond Circles, Installation of Officers and the Jewel Ritual.

2)                   A traditional gift shall be presented to the outgoing President of City Council at a cost not to exceed $75.00.  Executive Board gifts shall be guards appropriate to their office.

3)                   Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of Houston City Council committees must remain on active status in their chapters.  A leave of absence shall constitute the chairman’s or vice chairman’s resignation from committee assignment.  Competition points shall be prorated between the chapter of the original chairman or vice chairman and the chapter of the new chairman as determined by the Chapter of the Year Committee and Council Executive Board.  It is the responsibility of the chairman or vice chairman and her chapter to notify City Council when a leave of absence is taken.

4)                   Outside guest speakers requesting an audience at Houston City Council meetings shall present their request in writing subject to approval by the Executive Board. 

5)                   Chapters may make nominations for First Lady of the Year at the February City Council meeting.  Resumes of the candidates should be made available to each chapter.  The vote shall be taken at the March Council meeting.  An engraved item with the total cost not to exceed $50.00 shall be presented to the incumbent First Lady.  Courtesy invitations shall be extended to her for Founder’s Day.

6)                   Honorary members shall be voted on annually at the March Council Meeting and shall receive the Pledge Ritual and the Ritual of Jewels Ritual in accordance with the Book of Beta Sigma Phi, and receive one honorary pin and shall be honored at Founder’s Day.

7)                   Courtesy tickets for the chairman and vice chairman of City Council events shall be included in the budget of their committee.

8)                   A recipient of the International Award of Distinction shall be recognized at all City Council functions.

9)                   All chapters shall compete equally in all CAPA contests.  The first place winners shall be recognized with certificates and cash awards as determined by budget allowances.

10)               The Sweetheart Ball Committee shall present a Queen, Princess, and a Sweetheart from the chapter candidates.

11)               Annual dues are $30.00 per member.  (Article XI, Section 1).

12)               Courtesy tickets for the representative(s) of the Council Service Project for Founder’s Day shall be included in the budget of that committee.