Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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Every organization which has a background of achievement has entertained certain traditions that are observed year after year until they are accepted as a part of the organization itself.  Traditions play a prominent part in Beta Sigma Phi and it is important that all members be acquainted with those of Houston City Council, which was established in 1936-37.  The following observances have become traditional with our council.


1)                   A Founder’s Day Banquet in April.

2)                   An annual Fashion Show.

3)                   A Sweetheart Ball.

4)                   A Summer Social.

5)                   A Service project.

6)                   A Legacy Day.

7)                   A yearbook, scrapbook and CAPA contests, with winners announced at the Founder’s Day banquet.

8)                   Council officers are installed at the Founder’s Day banquet.

9)                   The retiring City Council President is installed by ritual as a Houston City Council Jewel at Founder’s Day.

10)               Chapter Women of the Year are presented at Founder’s Day.

11)               The Queen, Princess and Sweetheart are presented with flowers and a Beta Sigma Phi trophy, or a gift of equal value, by the Sweetheart Ball Committee. 

12)               When the State convention is hosted by our council, the Convention Board presents the Chairman and Vice-Chairman with an appropriate gift.

13)               When a past or present member of our council has a death in her immediate family, a member of the Executive Board presents her with a yellow rose.  (Immediate family consists of husband, significant other, child, parent or sibling)

14)               When a member of Houston City Council passes away, a single yellow rose shall be sent to the funeral home or to where her services are being held.  A memorial donation from Houston City Council will be made in her name to the Beta Sigma Phi International Disaster Relief Fund.  A member of the Houston City Council Executive Board will contact the family and inform them of Houston City Council’s donation.  This amount will not exceed $30.00.