Laureate Eta Nu


2020 - 2021

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1999– 2000

1999- 2000
New Century, New Beginning

Patti Nunnellee- President
Beth Garney- 1st Vice President
Connie Noble- 2nd Vice President
Laurie Musachia- Recording Secretary
Donna Barnes- Corresponding Secretary
Kathy Fogarty- Treasurer
Vickie Buschke- Sweetheart
Patti Nunnellee- WOTY
Vickie Buschke- HCC VP Membership


This was our 6th year together and we all progressed to Exemplar and had a
big celebration at Raveneaux Country Club. In April of 2000 we progressed
our chapter to Exemplar status and celebrated at Vargo‛s. Our new chapter
name became Xi Beta, a re-activated chapter of Houston City Council. At
Founder‛s Day, our Scrapbook won first place and our Yearbook won 2nd
place. We also won 1st place Yearbook International. We received a
“Founders Award” at Founder‛s Day for winning the Yearbook competition at
International 1998-1999. At State Convention in Lubbock, our Scrapbook
won 2nd place and our Yearbook won Sister‛s Choice. Vickie Buschke was
crowned “Princess” of Houston City Council and Connie Noble was elected
President Elect of Houston City Council. Again, we were a three-star