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2021 - 2022

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Laureate Eta Nu
 Service Projects 2020-21

From Kerry, Service Project Chair with much love:

So after doing some research on charities in the Houston area, it became quickly apparent that it’s going to be tough for us to come up with any ‘hands on’ projects this Summer and Fall.  Every charity is pretty much saying the same thing - all volunteer sessions are on a temporary hold.  They are all accepting donations, of course. > So, after much deliberation, the Service Committee would like to divide our year up like this:

> 1st - The Miranda Project - She’s still intending to move in to the dorm at PVAM.  So far, the A&M system is still on a green light for the Fall.  She has made a registry at Walmart to help us know of specific items that she needs. - look under Registry - Miranda Johnson - I’ll email more details on navigating the website to get to her Registry. She’ll be able to pick up her items to get ready for college.  This will probably be the most ‘hands on’ that we can get this year.  It’s sad but true.  The fact that she’s our Legacy and my former student, makes this project near and dear to me.  I really appreciate this opportunity to help Miranda a little more.  And Miranda appreciates absolutely everything that Connie N began last year with the Miranda Project.

> 2nd - The Furniture Bank - No Kids on the Floor - Assuming everything will still be ‘hands off’ during COVID, this will be a great opportunity for us to donate a bed set to a child in Houston just in time for the holidays.  For $150, the Furniture Bank can provide a bed set to a kiddo. Around Christmas-time, that would be just $10.00 from each member for $130.00.  Ellie, Emmy and Miranda want to make up the difference.  What a great Christmas present and a load off of a Mom’s mind when her child has a real bed to sleep in rather than a pallet on the floor or the couch.  Many of my former students slept rough, in the back of a car, in a garage, on the floor or on a couch.  It affects their ability to concentrate the next day, their ability to learn and their ability just to be happy.  When a kid has a bed, they have some security, they have a little more confidence, they have much needed rest.  I hope you’ll agree that this would be a great Christmas project for us.

> 3rd - The Miranda Project Revisited - The Committee would like to circle back around to Miranda to see what she needs in the Spring semester.  

> 4th - Purple Stride - Hopefully, by May 2021, we’ll be able to actually walk again to raise money for this very worthwhile cause, near and dear to our hearts.