Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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With COVID-19 our lives are a bit different than usual. We are meeting via Zoom; however Laurie as Ways & Means Chair has revised how we conduct the purchasing of tickets for the door prizes. At each Zoom meeting we pledge an amount to go towards a door prize item provided by the program host. Prior to the next meeting Laurie counts out the number of tickets we purchased and draws a winning ticket. Then arrangements are made by the host to get the item to the winner.

In 2019 we started purchasing 50/50 tickets. We pledge the amount to go towards that and the money is collected by Laurie/Kristi (Treasurer). Tickets are assigned to each pledger and the tickets are placed in a collection. After a few months, a winning ticket is drawn and that person gets half of the money collected.

The Ways & Means funds will go toward our Service Projects.