Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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Laureate Eta Nu
2010 – 2011 New Paths To Friendship

Kerry Bost- President
Lela Burgess- Vice President
Connie Noble- Recording Secretary
Gisele Medina- Corresponding Secretary
Beth Garney- Treasurer
Gisele Medina- Sweetheart
Kerry Bost- WOTY
Vickie Buschke- HCC President
Donna Barnes- HCC Legacy Tea Chair
Connie Noble, Patti Kallus- HCC Legacy Tea Co-Chairs

Laureate Eta Nu kicked off the year with our beautiful Scot Prez, Kerry Bost, presenting us with the book
“Same Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, telling an amazing true story of charity and
an unlikely friendship between an upscale art dealer and a dangerous, homeless drifter who grew up
picking cotton in virtual slavery and a gutsy Christian woman who brought the two men together.
We reviewed the book at our August meeting which was a great kick off to a year of programs on Pathways
to Friendship and a new devotion to service. We were also delighted to entertain the new HCC Board
lead by our own Vickie Buschke as President of HCC at our first meeting. In August, Kerry continued
the theme, by hosting the chapter at a fun-filled Beginning Day dinner at BB’s Cajun restaurant, in honor
of Denver Moore and his story from the book.

Laureate Eta Nu travelled to Gruene Texas in September for a Bacholerette Party weekend hosted by
Connie Noble, honoring our sister Kathy Gabbart, (now Kathy Gamble), and what a great time we all had.
We had the four largest rooms at the Gruene Mansion Inn with river view, and we were twisting and
shouting all Friday night. We learned that we all knew 99% of all the words to every tune of a 70’s CD.
Age of Aquarius was a favorite. In walking distance to Gruene Hall, we of course partied there and had
dinner at the Gruene River Grill. We surprised Kathy with a shower on Saturday night at the Gristmill.
It was a weekend of fun – not soon to be forgotten.

In October, Laureate Eta Nu members were delighted to attend Kathy’s wedding to Bret Gamble and we
toasted our new Scottish toast – Slange Va, (a Kerry-ism) to her happiness. We also went ghost hunting at
Wunsche Bros in Old Town Spring with Judy Hood hosting the paranormal adventure. November found
PEC exploring the Painted Churches in the Hill Country, hosted by Lela Burgess. And December,
Mother of Pearl (another Kerry-ism) we had a lovely Christmas celebration hosted by Kristi Hopkins and
Lauren Nguyen, at Kristi’s home. We learned to play an new game dice game, that we will definitely want
to play again sometime, as presents were involved!

In January, Laurie Musachia and Patti Kallus entertained the chapter at the Armadillo Palace – where
we were all boot scooting with our envoys. February Sweetheart Tea was a lovely affair hosted at
The Ashland House by Connie Clark and Kathy Gamble, honoring our beautiful Sweetheart Gisele.
Kerry and Robert Bost hosted the chapter for an elegant cocktail party in honor of Gisele before the ball
at the St. Regis Remington Bar. After we pried ourselves away from the Remington Bar, members
had a great time dancing at the Ball.

March was a wine tasting program followed by a fun visit to the LaFuentes Winery, both hosted by Beth Garney. Also in March, Laureate Eta Nu sisters made paper flowers and decorated a wonderland for the Madhatter’s Legacy Tea hosted by Donna Barnes, Connie Noble and Patti Kallus with help from the chapter. Laureate Eta Nu was proud to have its legacies Ashley Barnes and Emmy and Elly Bost help with the induction of Ayleah (granddaughter of Judy Hood) and Brenna (granddaughter of Donna Barnes)
to legacy status. There was also a special envoy ritual for Patti Kallus’ grandson Elijah, who at age 4, may be
the youngest envoy in history – all happening at the Mad Hatter’s Tea.

In April we cruised down Buffalo Bayou, thanks to hostess Ivelysse Swan. We enjoyed a great lunch
and over drinks solved the problems of the world. It was one more great time to finish off an exciting
sorority year on the Pathway to Friendship.