Laureate Eta Nu


2021 - 2022

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Kerry Bost President

Kathleen Killen Vice President

Gisele Medina Recording Secretary

Ivelysse Swan Corresponding Secretary

Kristi Hopkins Treasurer

Kerry Bost Sweetheart

Kerry Bost WOTY

The International theme for this year was Power of the Dream. In our programs we shared our dreams and the dreams of outstanding people in our lives and those that influenced us.

Our year started out very well with Kerry at the helm. She was instrumental in coordinating the updates of our committees. She also was active in HCC and assisted Connie Noble in voicing the Chapter’s views on new HCC by-laws and other issues.

>Kerry’s Beginning Day turned out to be a fabulous pool party with a slumber party afterwards. Leftover were served for breakfast on Sunday and we shared huge laughs about the day before.

In June we got to know our new member Kathleen better and showed her our history in viewing various scrapbooks at lunch. The guys and gals played Bunco twice – once at Patti’s and once at Kathy’s.

Everyone enjoyed Laurie’s, Vickie’s and Kristie’s socials as well as the Christmas dinner and gift exchange at Gisele’s with Ivelysse co-hosting. Donna and Connie C celebrated Sweetheart Kerry with a brunch at Whiskey Cake.

Then, our lives changed with COVID-19. Connie N had to cancel the road trip planned for Crystal Beach, we did not go to the Bluebonnet Festival with Judy due to cancellation and Lela’s outing to Galveston was cancelled. In March we started meeting and visiting via Zoom. Just not quite the same. Blessings for us all and I trust next year’s entry will report us together again in person.